As an accreditation crewmember you work in the tent where all your colleagues come in to work. You radiate enthusiasm and you try to help your colleagues as friendly and smoothly as possible.

Your work

Behind the counter
In the accreditation tent, you check whether the volunteer or crew employee is correctly displayed in the system. It is important that they have met all requirements before they leave for their workplace.

You provide the volunteer or crew employee with all the information he/she needs. You point them, among other things, to the place where they can store their belongings. Then you tell them where they will be working that day and how they got there.

It is important that you work meticulously with the system and that everyone who comes past you logs in and out where necessary.

The system contains a personal indication of what a crew member is entitled to, including coins, a crew wristband and a crew T-shirt. You ensure, among other things, that they receive this at the right time.

As a trafficer you bring internal and external crew to the place where they need to be at the festival, among other things. You work closely with the team behind the counter to stay informed when you need to transport someone.

You can be reached by telephone behind the helpdesk for crew with questions and/or comments. You ensure that they are helped as well and quickly as possible. Questions to which you do not know the answer should be put to the relevant manager.

Information desk
As an information desk employee you are representative of the festival and you provide information to visitors who request it. This is done in a friendly, visitor-oriented and correct manner. The information desk is a location at the festival where visitors can go for more information. It is up to you as an employee to provide this. You are responsible for solving problems correctly and you work closely with colleagues.

During your shift you will have to deal with a number of things:

  • As an information desk employee, you are aware of program changes
  • You are responsible for the correct handling of found and/or lost objects
  • You help visitors with the purchase of earplugs
  • You show visitors the place where they can charge their mobile phone

For questions that you cannot answer, please contact the appropriate people to inquire about this.

Your profile

  • You are guest-oriented
  • You are sociable and like to help people
  • You are a team player
  • Stress resistant
  • Knows how to quickly find your way in computer systems