Bar Crew

As a bartender you are responsible for ensuring that everyone gets their drinks. You perform this task in a guest-oriented manner and help visitors with any questions about the festival. You work neatly and quickly and your enthusiastic attitude ensures an even better festival experience for the visitor.

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Entrance Crew

As an entrance crewmember, you are the first face visitors encounter when they enter the festival site. You scan tickets, put on wristbands and welcome visitors to the festival. It is important that you are friendly and work precise.


Info, service & accreditation crew

As an information, service or accreditation crewmember you are a representative of the festival, you provide service and information to visitors who request it. This is done in a friendly, guest-oriented and correct manner. It may be that you work at the campsite, behind an information desk, at the lost & found or maybe you work in the tent where all your colleagues come in to work. Wherever you are: you radiate enthusiasm and try to help visitors or your colleagues as friendly and smoothly as possible.

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Every festival has to be built from the ground up and we can use help with this too. As a (de)construction crewmember you are available to help one day ahead of the festival and a day after the festival. Important: during a (de)construction shift you sometimes have to lift objects that require you to be in good health.

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As a volunteer you work at least one shift of 8 hours. On the days that you are not scheduled to work, you can visit the festival site as a visitor. On these days you can get an visitors bracelet and enter the site through the visitor’s entrance. However we demand that you arrive on time and in good shape for your shift.

After a shift, you will be given access to the site, provided it is still open to visitors.

If you only work on Sundays, you will only have access to the festival as a visitor on Sundays, before and after your shift.

You will receive the final schedule about 2 weeks before the festival starts. Here you can find what day, what time and at which workplace you are scheduled. If you want to know whether you are scheduled together with a friend, acquaintance and/or family member, you can compare this information

You are most welcome to come and work with a friend, acquaintance or family member. You will be given the option to indicate this in the registration form. We do our best to place everyone together, but we can never guarantee this 100 percent.

Volunteers can stay overnight at the crew campsite. In the registration form you will be asked whether or not you want to stay at the campsite. We take this into account during the festival. You should bring your own camping gear and follow the guidelines described on the WOO HAH x Rolling Loud website regarding the campsite.

As a volunteer you pay a deposit of 105 euros for your scheduled shift. You will get this deposit back when you have worked your shift. If you do not show up for your shift without a valid reason, the deposit amount will not be refunded. The deposit must be transferred 3 weeks before the first day of the festival. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee your service without a deposit. Your deposit will be refunded in the week after the festival.

As a crew member you can use the crew shuttle that departs from 013 Poppodium in Tilburg. You do not have to pay any extra costs for this. You can also use the regular shuttle bus. This is intended for visitors and departs from Tilburg central station.

If you become ill or you can no longer come to the festival sit due to circumstances, you must inform our helpdesk as soon as possible via crew@woohahfestival.com or by calling the helpdesk number that is communicated in the weeks before the festival.

You can find the job profiles for the activities during the festival above. You can express your preference for a team in the registration form. We try to take this into account as much as possible, but cannot guarantee 100 percent that you will be scheduled on that team.