As a bartender you are responsible for ensuring that everyone gets their drinks. You perform this task in a guest-oriented manner and help visitors with any questions about the festival. You work neatly and quickly and your enthusiastic attitude ensures an even better festival experience for the visitor.

Your work:
Within a bar there are 4 different functions, the head of your bar ultimately determines where you fit best. These four functions are:

The tapper : You ensure that there is enough beer throughout the day, and you are jointly responsible for the quality of the beer.
The pourer: You make sure that your colleagues at the dispensaries can immediately grab the drink they need.
Drink issuer: You are the calling card of the bar. You give the visitors the right drinks, but you also check the visitors’ wristbands to see if they are 18 when they want to order alcohol.
The runner: In this position you are the right hand of the head of your bar, you ensure that the refrigerators are full and the cups are replenished, but you also listen carefully to instructions from your colleagues.

As a bar employee you work together with the head of your bar. He or she indicates your position and is your point of contact in case of any problems. You can also contact your bar manager with questions, so that your shift runs as smoothly as possible.

Catering crew
As part of the catering team you support the chefs who prepare the food for the crew at our catering locations. You can be deployed on various functions such as washing dishes, guiding the buffet or replenishing drinks / food. You are jointly responsible for keeping the crew catering clean so that you and your fellow crew members can work and eat in a clean place. If you are deployed to transport food to another location, it is beneficial if you are in possession of a driver’s license.

Your profile:

  • You have an affinity with festivals (also possible from study)
  • Excited about WOO HAH!
  • Likes interacting with people
  • Are punctual and customer-friendly